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Actos and Bladder Cancer

The goal of our website is to educate our visitors as to the dangers associated with Actos use, particularly bladder cancer, to explain the treatment options available to those who have developed bladder cancer and to make it easy for our visitors to get the best legal advice available.

Studies Show Actos Causes Bladder Cancer

The connection between the drug, Actos, and the disease is being studied in a variety of research projects. Most particular is an ongoing ten-year longitudinal epidemiological study. Not yet completed, the results coming in have already been sufficient to cause the FDA to increase its warnings regarding the use of Actos, and the dangers to those already known to be at risk for bladder cancer, including those with previous experience of bladder cancer.

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Actos FDA Warning and Recall

Actos continues to be prescribed and distributed within the United States. A similar study in France has released supporting evidence sufficient to cause France and Germany to withdraw the medication from the market. However, the many strengths of Actos as a powerful and effective medication for diabetes II make the FDA and the medical profession within the nation reluctant to pull the product entirely.

If you are already at increased risk for bladder cancer, have recovered from bladder cancer once already, or are otherwise compromised, and you have been taking Actos at high dosages for a year or more, you are at risk for Actos bladder cancer. If you have already developed bladder cancer while being treated for diabetes with Actos, the cancer may be directly associated with your medication.

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